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ISS Luxembourg S.à r.l. was founded by A. Bahadır Lülecioğlu who is General Manager of Sayram Construction.


Sayram Construction Inc. has been managed by a family of civil engineers for 3 generations and the current General Manager A. Bahadır Lülecioğlu is a civil engineer with more than 17 years of experience.

Sayram has been involved in the construction business since 1950 and has ongoing and completed projects in Poland, Turkey, Dubai, Germany, and Luxembourg. As of today, Sayram has developed and delivered more than 5.000 houses in these markets. 

ISS Luxemburg provides support for the supply of construction materials to the SAYRAM’s constructions sites for 2 years. Currently, ISS is making investments for commercial and residential construction works in Europe and has the experiential support of Sayram Construction. 

We are humbled and grateful for the trust of our clients particularly USACE, NATO, US Army, and United Nations to name some...

Roots of ISS

Golden Gate Bridge

​ ISS Luxembourg S.A.R.L.

  • Provides Construction Material Supply to SAYRAM Construction Sites.

  • Currently making investments for commercial construction projects

  • 2 Current residential Projects in Germany

  • %100 Owner by Civil Engineer A. Bahadır Lülecioğlu

Sayram Construction GmbH – Germany

  • SAYRAM Germany is established to support 
    ISS Luxembourg in construction activities.

 SAYRAM International Construction INC. - Turkey

  • International Construction works

  • General Contractor of NATO

  • %60 Owned by Civil Engineer A. Bahadır Lülecioğlu

 SAYRAM Construction LLC. - Poland

  • Currently operating on two (2) military construction projects for NATO

  • %100 Owned by Civil Engineer A. Bahadır Lülecioğlu


To maintain international quality standards, 

increasing customer-focused, reputable and reliable brand.

Construction Workers at Sunset
Sayram Construction, 1980s
Fog over City


Contributing to the development of the sector by adding human value to the environment, with sacrificing quality and security, from an innovative point of view.

Ethical Values

ISS expects its employees to understand and adopt the company's values, ethical principles and to act in accordance with ISS's way of doing business. ISS has adopted the following principles as an institutional structure;

  • Internationally Recognized Human Rights

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Effective Use Policy

  • Quality and Continuous Improvement

  • Compliance with Law

  • Privacy

  • Honesty

  • Fair, Polite, and Respectful Behavior

  • Ethical and Legal Behavior

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